When something's wrong

1.0 - Our Code of Practice

This Code of Practice outlines the Complaints Procedures policies of Iberdrola. This Code applies to all our customers, both residential and business. At Iberdrola we aim to give our customers the best possible service. If something's wrong please contact us straight away. We'll always investigate and do everything we can to put it right. This Code of Practice sets out what you can expect from us. We’ve tried to make our complaints process as simple as possible. The first step to resolving your complaint is to contact us to let us know what’s wrong.

2.0 - Our definition of a complaint

We consider that you have raised a complaint if you personally (or an agency on your behalf) have raised any issue with our customer care team which required a response, action on our behalf or resolution and it has not been resolved to your satisfaction.

3.0 - How to contact us when something’s wrong

  • Email: complaints@iberdrola.ie
  • Call us on: 1800 300 370 (Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm and local rate charges apply)
  • Use our Web Chat facility online or in our app - Select ‘contact us’ from the menu then ‘chat with us’.
  • Write to us: Complaints Manager,Iberdrola, PO Box 13051, Dublin 2
  • You can also ask a recognised agency or third party to act on your behalf to raise a complaint for you.

When you contact us please provide us with your account number as well as your full name, e-mail address, home address and mobile telephone number. Be sure to give us the details of your issue as well.

4.0 - What you can expect from us

We will:

  • always aim to respond promptly to your enquiry
  • treat you with fairness and courtesy at all times
  • treat in confidence any personal or financial details you give us
  • try to resolve your enquiry the first time you contact us
  • clearly explain any action we intend to take to resolve your enquiry
  • we will keep you informed about our progress, usually by telephone if we need more time to look into your query

When making a complaint we will also:

  • aim to resolve it as quickly as possible
  • give you a unique reference number and assign you a dedicated complaint handler if we can’t resolve your complaint immediately
  • we will tell you about other steps you can take if you are not satisfied
  • with the way we handle your enquiry
  • send your communications in the format you have requested if you have additional communication needs

5.0 - How we will resolve your complaint

We’ve tried to make our complaint process as simple as possible by following a three stage approach outlined below. We will provide a final answer to your complaint within two months from the date of logging your complaint, except in cases where the customer is not engaging with us, or we require additional information or we encounter technical actions which we need to undertake that would extend the time required to reach a decision.

Stage 1 – Contact Us When you contact us we will:

  • record your complaint.
  • attempt to resolve your issue within two working days.

Stage 2 – Registering your issue as a complaint Rest assured, we’ll work hard to resolve your issue. If we’ve been unable to resolve your complaint within two working days, we will:

  • pass it to a member of our specialist Customer Complaints Team
  • provide you with a dedicated complaint handler
  • provide contact details so you’re able to get in touch via any of our contact channels while we’re working to resolve your complaint
  • commit to contacting you within 10 working days with a proposed solution, request for further information or confirmation that further investigation is required
  • keep you informed of progress until we can fully resolve your complaint

If you’re not satisfied with the resolution of the issue at this stage, your complaint will be escalated to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Escalating your complaint to the Head of Customer Experience The Head of Customer Experience will:

  • fully review the issue
  • contact you with a final proposal for resolution within 10 working days
  • provide you with their name and contact details and will be a point of contact for resolution at this stage of the complaint process
  • provide you with our final position, detailing the proposal for resolution, in writing (either posted or emailed to you)
  • provide confirmation of complaint closure from Iberdrola perspective

If you are not satisfied with the final resolution of the complaint and wish to raise it with the CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities), we will provide the contact details for CRU (as below).

6.0 - Potential outcomes from your complaint

If your complaint is upheld following our internal complaints process, we will pay you a Customer Charter Payment, as per the timelines and method in our Customer Charter. The Charter Payment is €35 per breach in practice. We will pay the Charter Payment to you within 10 working days of advising that the payment is due.

When we’ve been able to resolve your complaint we commit to:

  • write to you to:
  • apologise for the issue and the fact you have had to contact us to have your complaint resolved
  • explain what went wrong, where possible
  • let you know what we’ve done to resolve your complaint and explain what remedy and redress we will provide
  • give you details of what to do if you’re still not happy (see below)
  • give you notice that we’ve closed your complaint
  • consider if a goodwill payment is appropriate as part of the resolution to your complaint

7.0 - If you’re not happy with the outcome of your complaint

If, after eight weeks, the resolution we confirmed to you in writing and subsequent closure of your complaint doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you have the right to contact the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) Customer Care Team for independent review. Please note that the CRU will only review once you have completed our complaints process. After this review, if the CRU issues a direction for compensation or redress, we will make a payment to you within 14 working days or by within one billing period in the form of a credit to your account. You can contact the CRU:

In circumstances where the CRU has issued a direction for compensation or compensation, we commit to making payment to you within 14 working days where compensation or redress is in the form of credit to your account.

8.0 - Our guarantee

If we fail to meet any of these commitments, then you may be entitled to €35 compensation under the terms of our Customer Charter. Once we agree to make your compensation payment, it will be paid within 10 working days. You can contact us if you have any queries or want to request a copy of our Customer Charter or Codes of Practice. Simply

  • E-mail us at ContactUs@iberdrola.ie
  • Call us:1800 300 370 (Lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm and local rate charges apply)
  • Use our chat facility online or in our app - Select ‘contact us’ from the menu then ‘chat with us’.

This Code has been approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). CRU’s Energy Customer Care Team can be contacted by phone at 1800 404 404 or by visiting www.cru.ie/customer-care.