Fuel Mix Disclosure

As one of the largest energy companies in the world, we are a leader in renewable energy.

We believe it’s our job to help build a sustainable future for everyone and, here in Ireland, we’re doing our bit by bringing you electricity tariffs that are 100% green*.

We began supplying electricity in Ireland on 4th June 2019 which means that, until we have been operating for a full year, we are unable to show our fuel mix and how we have sourced the electricity we supply.

We guarantee that your electricity is sourced from 100% renewable generation and will be able to show this in the Fuel Mix Disclosure table after 12 months. Instead below shows how electricity is sourced for the All Island Market.

Electricity sourced fromAverage for All Island Market (Jan 18 - Dec 18)
Natural Gas38.51%
EU Fossil0%
Total %100%

Environmental impact:
CO2 Emission: 291g/kWh

Fuel Mix Information

What does it mean?
The fuel mix information details how the electricity supplied has been generated in the previous year from each fuel source - such as coal, natural gas, renewable and peat, etc.

What is it for?
The information on fuel sources and their environmental impact is designed to help you make an informed choice about your energy supplier. Similar information will be published by suppliers across Europe, in much the same way as emission levels are quoted for new cars

For information on your fuel mix and on the environmental impact of your electricity supply call
1800 300 370.

*Iberdrola Ireland Limited guarantees that your electricity is sourced from 100% renewable generation. Subject to verification under the CRU’s GSPV verification process.