Our Terms and Conditions

To view our General Terms and Conditions, please click here.

These terms and conditions will automatically apply if you have agreed to enter into a contract with us for supplying energy to your property.  They also apply automatically if we supply energy to your property, but you have not agreed to enter a contract with us for that supply.  In those circumstances we supply energy to you under a deemed contract.

In additional to our general terms and conditions above, the terms and conditions linked below apply to your chosen tariff:

Current Tariff Terms & Conditions

Green 18
Green Exclusive Fixed
Green Fixed Saver
Gas 12
Gas Fixed Saver
Dual Fuel 18
Dual Fuel Fixed Saver
Dual Fuel Exclusive Fixed

Previous Tariff Terms & Conditions

Green 23
Green 23 Cashback
Green 1 Year Fixed
Gas 16
Gas 1 Year Fixed
Dual Fuel 23
Dual Fuel 23 Cashback
Dual Fuel 1 Year Fixed

You can find the name of your tariff on your bill, in your app or by logging on to My Account.